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The Scissorsmith Team

Scissorsmith was founded by  a husband and wife team, Lisa & Justin. They  developed the Scissorsmith Technique that specializes in traditional Japanese sharpening methods.  The experience and passion they bring to the business ensures that your shears are restored to pristine condition no matter their current state, every single time.

 Justin & Lisa

Justin, a true Master Sharpener, has earned his title through meticulous service to over 40,000 shears since the inception of Scissorsmith. His undeniable knowledge, keen eye and skilled hands have made him a go-to for hair professionals world wide. Justins specialty lies in resurrecting scissors deemed beyond repair. With finesse and precision, he revives and returns them as beautifully smooth and fully functioning shears.  Beyond the sharpening stone, Justin’s  background as a former NHL draft professional hockey player brings a unique perspective to his work. Having lived by the ethos of always giving 100%, he carries this commitment into every aspect of Scissorsmith. His skill set extends further as a firefighter, a role that has ingrained in him the instinct to be the first to jump in and help in any situation.

Lisa, with over 20 years of experience as a hairstylist, joins Justin in their sharpening studio. Side by side, they’ve dedicated hours perfecting their service.  Lisa’s keen industry insight goes beyond mere sharpness; she developed a testing protocol ensuring that a sharp blade translates into flawless performance across various cutting scenarios. Together their combined expertise has honed the “Scissorsmith Technique.” Their approach ensures a consistent and perfected service across all Scissorsmith locations, creating a standardized experience for customers around the map.

Lisa and Justin are not just Master Sharpeners; they are educators changing the industries scissor maintenance standards. They have developed a “Scissor Maintenance Kit”, a kit filled with all the tools you need to keep your shear clean and operating at peak performance.

Lisa and Justin serve the Edmonton and area region as well as run the Canadian Mail In Centre.


A retired professional hockey player as well, Pat completed his Scissorsmith Apprenticeship to become a Master Sharpener in 2018. He quickly grasped the need for precision and care and showed a natural feel for each blade he worked on. Pats extreme attention to detail  is evident in every shear he refines.  Pat runs the Saskatoon location  and is the head Master Sharpener servicing our  Saskatchewan region. His extra vigilance, precision and calm demeanor make him a favorite among prairie stylists.



Meet Shawn, of course he is a hockey player too!

Why do hockey players make excellent scissor sharpeners? They are dedicated and committed to excellence. They know the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to stay on top. Coachability factor;  All our franchisees were extremely adept during their Master Sharpener apprenticeship. From ice skates to scissors, they know the importance of a sharp edge!

Shawn meets all those attributes. This goal setter started his Scissorsmith franchise in Boston, Ma during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Despite the challenges of salon lockdowns, Shawn’s determination shone through as he virtually connected with new stylists and built his business from the ground up. The Scissorsmith Technique quickly gained popularity and word got around fast of Shawn’s skill set and his honest and integral approach. Shawn services Boston and surrounding areas as well as our American Mail In Service.


All Scissorsmith Master Sharpeners continue to study both new and traditional sharpening techniques to ensure our skills are always at our best!

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