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The Scissorsmith Team

Scissorsmith is a husband and wife team who have been trained under master sharpener John Kuiper of Jupiter, Florida, specializing in traditional Japanese sharpening methods.

Both Lisa and Justin know the difference a sharp blade makes. The experience and passion they bring to the business ensures that your shears are restored to pristine condition no matter their current state, every single time.


About Scissorsmith - Lisa CoxAbout Lisa

Lisa has been a stylist for 18 years and knows that proper scissor maintenance is crucial to this line of work. After struggling to find a reliable, local shear sharpener, and not willing to wait a year for the hair show or send away her primary business tool for extended amounts of time to be sharpened, Lisa decided to take matters into her own hands.

Lisa sought training in traditional Japanese sharpening and began studying sharpening methods from across the world. Her experience spans Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, and she continues to study both new and traditional sharpening techniques to ensure her skills are always at their best.

Lisa is excited for local stylists in the Edmonton area to feel the difference in Scissorsmith’s sharpening techniques. Her shears have never been sharper, and neither will yours!


About Scissorsmith - Justin CoxAbout Justin

As a retired professional hockey player, Justin knows how important a sharp blade is. Whether it’s scissors or skates, he understands the need for perfection. His commitment to quality service ensures that your Scissorsmith experience is second to none.

Justin has studied the art of traditional Japanese sharpening and continues to update his skills and techniques in methods from around the world. His understanding and appreciation for the craftsmanship of sharpening ensures that every blade he touches receives the utmost care.