• Why Scissorsmith


Trust the Scissorsmith Technique

Servicing high-end shears is an art. Not all types of blades can be serviced the same way, and our team has been trained in sharpening methods for both convex and bevelled edge shears. We know that your scissors are one of the most important tools you have, so we have dedicated our practice to ensuring the highest quality sharpening techniques.

In the hands of unskilled technicians, shears can be ruined by the wrong sharpening equipment or careless techniques. Using a grinder on a convex blade will remove excessive amounts of steel and put an improper angle on your shear, compromising the precision of your cuts and the longevity of your shear. Scissorsmith helps to ensure your scissors are with you for years to come.

The Scissorsmith technique is precise, thorough, and done with care.

Scissorsmith shear restoration before     Scissorsmith shear restoration after

 When to call Scissorsmith

  • Blades don’t feel smooth when opening or closing
  • Teeth on thinning shears are catching
  • Muscle aches in your cutting hand. Dull blades and unbalanced scissors can put strain on your hand
  • Scissors have been dropped and are out of alignment
  • Blades feel dull, especially at the tips resulting in hair being pushed along the blade instead of being cut
  • Blades are catching along the mid-section of the blade, particularly when slide cutting
  • Blade tips are catching or pulling hair, making the blade tips cross over
  • Screws keep loosening while in use
  • You’re worried your shears were ruined by another sharpener