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Scissorsmith provides complete shear servicing, including warranty work,  part replacement and alignment.

With proper care, a quality set of shears should last you many years. Even the most damaged shear can be restored. It is vital that minimal steel is removed so that your scissors are with you for years to come.

Different blade types require different types of sharpening. Our hand sharpening process is crucial to preserving and restoring your shears, ensuring the most precise refinement with the least amount of steel lost.

The Scissorsmith Sharpening Process

  1. Pre-service inspection
    A complete pre-service inspection is done to identify major areas of concern and the best sharpening method for the blade.
  2. Thorough cleaning
    We carefully take your scissors apart for a thorough cleaning.
  3. Magnified inspection
    Under 5X magnification and intense lighting, we complete a more thorough inspection of the blade.
  4. Analysis of blades
    We determine what steps need to be taken to bring your shears back to life. If any shear is deemed non repairable you will be contacted at this point to discuss further procedures to be taken.
  5. Sharpening Depending on your style of shear, multiple techniques will be used, including ride line restoration, re-convexing and hand stoning.
  6. Balance, centre screw, and finger rest adjustments
    We check the balance, centre screw and finger rests and replace any parts where necessary.
  7. Blade realignment
    Your blades are fully realigned and the tension is adjusted.
  8. Blade tip finishing
    We use a specialized microstone to finish the blade tips.
  9. Test cut
    Test cuts will be performed on wet and dry hair to ensure the shear is in perfect cutting condition.
  10. Shine it up
    The shear receives a final polish and oiling,  then packaged safely and returned back to you in immaculate condition.

Each shear must meet our strict guidelines for performance and quality.

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